About us

In March of 2000, Richard and Carole Seguin opened their printing company in the Cornwall area. Their main goals were to become a high quality printer and to offer outstanding quality and service at the most competitive prices.

With over 35 years of related printing experience in the industry at various levels, Richard was well aware that there were no jobs too big, nor too small that he couldn't produce. With quality and production as his driving force, he went forth in creating his new company.

Wanting to be the best, they choose a name that would reflect their goals and ambitions. It was decided that the name should inspire assurance, trust, honesty and yet still have a link to the printing industry. The very first mass produced book printed by Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press was the Bible. With this tie-in, Angel Printing was born.

In just a few short years, Angel Printing has gained a solid reputation as being second to none when it comes to service, pricing and the exceptional quality of their work. When you are quoted a price at Angel Printing, there are never any surprises later on. They honour and respect all quotations given prior to printing your product.